Do Your Best Work Faster

For over 25 years, EDR’s goal has been to offer tools and reports that make your work more efficient, effective and enjoyable.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the most exciting advancements to our products ever.

Register_grn_180x58WEBINAR: Do Your Best Work Faster
Thursday, May 5
1pm EST


Starting May 2, the fundamentals of data review are changing, empowering you to do your best work faster.

Property Boundaries on your Historical Sources:

Quickly locate your target property boundary on historical sources. The property outline is based on your selection during the ordering process. Should you need to edit this outline, you can do so easily.

Improved EDR Lightbox®:

Newly updated and streamlined, with superior content and an intuitive interface. Now you can filter and highlight records, collaborate with your colleagues, review historical imagery, and interact with Tax Parcel Maps all in one place.

Coming this Summer: Property-Based Geocoding

Some very big changes to mapping are on the way! With Property-Based Geocoding, we’ll be connecting environmental records to actual property locations, not just points along a street. Using EDR, you will improve Phase I services to your clients while reducing research time. Expect more details soon.

There is so much more we want to share with you! Join us for a web event, hosted by our CEO, Chris Aronson, next Thursday, May 5 at 1pm EST. Register now.