Amazing 1923 Aerial Photos of LA County

Sometimes we come across an aerial photo or city directory collection that just makes us a little TOO excited about historical research. We had one of those moments recently.

Our fantastic content team, who we like to think of as treasure hunters, located a never-before-available collection of aerial photos covering LA County from 1923! That makes this collection one of the first ever. The photos originated from the Fairchild collection, from which EDR also sources photos from 1928 in LA County. The most recent efforts by the EDR content team gives EDR customers access to the full collection of 1923 and 1928 Fairchild historical aerials in LA County. What’s more, we’ve scanned them at a super-high-quality 1000 DPI and the photos are fully referenced so you can review them in Lightbox.

Here’s a short history lesson. Sherman Fairchild, son of a congressman and the first Chairman of IBM, George Winthrop Faichild, made major contributions to both aviation and photography in the early 1920s. When his health prevented him from enlisting in World War I, he used a federal grant and his father’s investment to build a new aerial camera for fly overs. He founded his own company in 1921 and using surplus WWI planes, created photo maps of major US and Canadian cities.

Fairchild’s photos will be included in LA County Aerial decade packages and with your EDR Standard or Premium Package orders. You can learn more and check out a sample here.