5,000 EPs: Top Five Issues with E 1527-13

To date, I have moderated five webinars focused on the 2013 revisions to the ASTM E 1527 Phase I ESA standard—most recently, yesterday. On top of that, I spoke on market trends at eight fall/winter Due Diligence at Dawn workshops, which also included a track given by Anthony Buonicore on the E 1527-13 revisions, as well as a class for new EPs that I taught at Rutgers University in February. All told, that adds up to over 5,000 environmental professionals coming up the learning curve about what the revised standard will mean to their Phase I ESA practice. At each of these events, either by raising a hand at DDD or typing and clicking a mouse during a live webinar, EPs aired their concerns and questions about how to apply the standard in practice.

The majority of these questions or concerns fall into a few key areas. Click here to read my list of the top five issues EPs have with the revisions to the Phase I ESA protocol and find out their concerns.