Q&A with Industry Veteran: Downturn Emphasizes Need for Better Risk Management

The Executive Review 2016 edition of EBJ, published by Environmental Business International, included a Q&A with Elizabeth Krol, a Professional Geologist (P.G.) and National Client Manager with Partner Engineering and Science Inc. EDR Insight is grateful for permission from EBI to post a reprint of Krol’s interview, titled Partner Engineering and Science Evolves Along With Equity Markets. A few highlights:

Krol ElizabethOn the downturn

“The downturn – and the resulting regulatory tightening – really emphasized the need for better risk management practices. We saw an uptick in demand for our services as smart commercial real estate owners, investors and lenders paid closer attention to physical risks associated with an asset.”

On technology

“We see technological advancements as a particularly powerful driver of new risks and opportunities in this industry. Technology is rapidly changing the demand for and placed on real estate assets, and in order to prevent an asset becoming obsolete, it is critical for property owners and developers to accommodate such emerging needs.”

On infill development opportunities

“Shortage of supply in urban areas is leading many developers to leverage opportunities offered by infill development and conversion projects, using underutilized land or historic buildings for (re)development…From a due diligence perspective, they require very careful assessment and consideration of environmental risks, as well as innovative remediation techniques to manage these risks. Because of this, I believe our industry can expect an uptick in demand for environmental due diligence, as well as clean-up and design solutions.”

Click the link below for more of Krol’s insights on:

  • The impact of the downturn on risk management
  • The company’s strategic focus
  • How technology is changing commercial real estate deals
  • A growth forecast for the next 2 to 3 years
  • Keys to success


The full interview with Elizabeth Krol, Partner Engineering and Science Evolves Along With Equity Markets, is posted here.


This reprint was excerpted from a longer article published in the Executive Review 2016 edition of EBJ and reprinted with permission from Environmental Business International Inc. All rights reserved.